All You Need Insurance Process

Despite what you might be led to believe, you don’t need an insurance premium or a stack of insurance certificates to make your house and car safe from theft. All an insurer really needs is a recent copy of your car registration and your vehicle’s current logbook.

If those documents aren’t handy or the thief makes it out with the goods, the insurer will use other evidence like CCTV footage to track down and settle on a fair settlement amount. If they find no obvious cars matching yours on camera, they’ll contact your bank and get in touch with all the people who had credit cards linked to that card number in order to find out if any purchases had been made.

It sounds like a convoluted and time-consuming process, but when you consider all the red tape necessary to get consumers insured in the first place, it’s certainly no more challenging than borrowing money from a bank. Either way, all it takes is a few tick-boxes and the insurer knows exactly what assets you can expect to be covered.

While almost everyone has an intention of keeping their home and belongings safe from burglars, many forget that extending this sort of security to their vehicles is also vital.

However, before you embark on the process of insuring your car, you need to take note that not every insurance provider offers this service. In fact, many will insist on a full vehicle inspection and include services such as valet parking in their quote.

It’s worth noting that insurers can often be quite strict about the amount of coverage needed for your car in order to pay for repairs. For example, some providers won’t provide benefits for you if you have taken out comprehensive insurance that already covers your vehicle’s overall value. As well as this, insurers can restrict some mechanical and structural repairs from being classed as covered by a policy in return for higher premium payments – something we’ll talk more about later on.

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