A Few Tips To Help You With The First Drive


First drive of the day? Feeling a little nervous? Here are a few tips to help you get through that first drive feeling like a pro.

1. Don’t stay in one lane for too long- this can lead to monotonous driving and will make you sleepier the longer you stay in your lane

2. Keep your tires inflated adequately- underinflated tires can mean more lost gas, which leads to higher bills at the pump

3. Accept that other drivers may not know how to drive as well as you- take care of yourself on the road, but don’t forget about less experienced drivers

4. Keep a loose grip on the wheel at all times- this will help you focus

5. Drive in the center of the lane- this will help avoid accidents and congestion in front of you, as traffic tends to move towards the edge of a lane

6. Take note of road signs – these signs will tell you what’s ahead, like school zones, stoplights, and more

7. Watch out for speed traps- these are set up by law enforcement to catch drivers who are breaking traffic laws or breaking time limits

8. Stay safe- be aware of your surroundings, particularly other drivers and pedestrians—you may not see them until it’s too late

9. Keep your eyes open while driving- this can help you avoid an accident or identify road hazards

10. Make sure you have the right to drive- check with your state department of motor vehicles to make sure you have all the necessary licenses and insurance in order

11. Never aggressively honk your horn- it’s a fast way to attract attention, but it also gives off a signal that will alarm other drivers

12. Stay focused while you are on the road – try not to daydream or take your eyes off of where you are going


The first drive is an integral part of becoming an adult. There are plenty of things to worry about when you first get behind the wheel, and it could be even worse if you’re having a bad day. The ending tip is essential. It is easy to get distracted while driving and drive into oncoming traffic or, even worse, into a ditch.

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